Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Confession: I love DSquared2

I have to be honest. I usually hate DSquared2. I think they're tacky, and kind of insane (even though I really love their new perfume). But this season...was beautiful. No, really. Some designers are way in the future (Miuccia Prada, Raf Simons, Nicolas Ghesquière), and while their clothes might not be wearable for everyone, they are where fashion is going. And some designers are still fashionable, still on-trend, not quite as directional, but infinitely more wearable. DSquared2 is that second kind of brand, and is completely shameless about it. They really don't care about being the trend-makers. They're just DSquared2, and that's they're amazing. The models were styled like Olsen twins, carried Blackberries, smoked, held Starbucks lattes and mochas, giant sunglasses, and all had giant leather It bags with US Weeklies stuffed inside. I honestly dress a lot like this...maybe that's why I like it...I want all these clothes RIGHT NOW.

Big shades, big scarf, mini dress, and little leather jacket? Yes please. Those rolled up khakis and that cropped jacket together are perfection, and that leopard mini is adorable!

It's kind of like a really wearable version of Missoni: lots of big, loose knits layered on top of each other, but here it's made a little sexier with belts at the waist and body con skirts/dresses underneath. DSquared2 actually opened with these dresses (thinking backwards, I like it) and I can't get over how wildly glamorous it is to throw on a silk gown, top it with a leather belt or jacket, and a big scarf. That juxtaposition of casual and luxe is so DSquared2 and so of the moment (and I need that blue dress).

One of the best things about this show is that you can dupe the look with stuff already in your closet. Take a big cardigan (belted) or a leather jacket, throw it on over a fitted top and a mini, shorts, or rolled up trousers, put on some big shades and a giant scarf, grab a latte, and look awesome. That's math I can live with.
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