Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spotted: Paris Fashion Week

I feel like everyone steps it for the Paris shows. I mean, they all look fantastic in NYC, and London, and Milan, but when Paris Fashion Week rolls around people really bring out the big guns. And this year the big guns happen to be from past collections. Like 2004 Balenciaga. This makes me giddy beyond words. People are wearing last last last last last (I lost count) season's clothes, and looking amazing doing it. It may have taken a world-wide economic recession to bring this about, but it finally happened!

Giovanna is wearing Kate Moss for Top Shop pants. Top Shop. They may be fantabulous and python-printed, but still. I love how her outfit is so monochromatic and simple, and provides a perfect backdrop for those amazing pants. And how adorable is that cropped trench and floral scarf combo? It makes rainy day dressing look sunny and chic. That takes talent.

Natasha Poly and Liu Wen in 2004 Balenciaga shearling jackets. If I didn't know these were 5 years old, I seriously would have thought they were new. It just goes to show that enough if something is in that awkward place between new and vintage, if the design is timeless, then it doesn't matter how old the clothes are. And those jackets look so warm and fuzzy...drool.
And how cute are Chanel Iman and Giovanni? If I looked as awesome as Chanel does there with her little Balenciaga bag, I would never stop taking pictures of myself. Major jealous.

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