Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who Doesn't Like Sparkles?

Alright, so spring is rolling around and that generally means that nail colors start getting a little more festive. Or a lot more festive, depending on your tastes (tranny glitter!) I got a special request for a post about glittery/shimmery nail polishes, and I'm never one to turn down the sparkles. If you're more of the subtle type, don't worry. There are a couple of non-crazy polishes thrown in there as well.

OPI for Sephora in Run With It!, $9 at, NARS Polish in Arabesque, $16 at, Chanel Le Vernis in Django, $23 at I'm a little torn about the whole OPI for Sephora thing. It's the same price as regular OPI. I don't see the point. But all that aside, OPI for Sephora has some adorable shades, like Run With It!, this shimmering, dove grey. It's a slightly warm, pale grey with gold and silver shimmer, very subtle and wearable but still fashion forward. For the less faint of heart, there's NARS Polish in Arabesque, basically clear polish packed with big pink glitter. You can use it over other polishes or put on two or three coats for a Ruby Slippers vibe (except in pink...). Then there's the Chanel Polish in Django, a new color for spring, which is a gorgeous shimmery nude. It's like your nails but better--and sparkly. And who couldn't use a little Chanel?

Rescue Beauty Lounge Polish in Leila Rose, $18 at, Rescue Beauty Lounge Polish in Frugalista, $18 at, Rescue Beauty Lounge Polish in Under the Stars, $18 at Rescue Beauty Lounge is fantastic because their polishes are all Big-3 free, and the less chemicals the better! They have some really great fashion forward shades too. Leila Rose is a pinky-lavender with silver shimmer. It's a little kooky and a little prim/proper at the same time. I need that one. Frugalista is a grey base with purple glitter. It somehow manages to be super new and fashion forward and totally chic at the same time. And for those of you who love the blues, try Under the Stars. Deep navy with blue shimmer doesn't sound elegant, but with short nails anyone could pull this off and look fantastic.

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Run With It!:
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