Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alexander McQueen for Target

So I had the chance to stop by my local Target this afternoon and check out the McQ collection, and I have some bad news. It ain't pretty. For starters, there are lots of flimsy, tackily printed tees and leggings that I didn't see in the preview. The fabrics are really thin, and pretty cheap, and the clothes just looked overpriced and lackluster in real life. Sigh. There were a few things that I think you should check out though:

Studded Denim Jacket, $59.99 at, Trench Coat $79.99 at I think the jacket is a given. It wasn't at my Target, but I don't really think this could go wrong. I mean, it's a studded, grey denim biker jacket. Same with the trench; I mean, how badly could a black, glazed trench go?

TRS Pant, $39.99 at I actually saw these in the store today, and they're pretty cute! The fabric is decent, I like the cut and the length, and if they weren't pinstriped, I would have gotten them.

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