Monday, March 16, 2009

I feel like Goldilocks

You know those times when wallets are too small, and bags are too big? AKA those times when normal people reach for their adorable clutches and are all good to go? Well, I own precisely zero clutches, and since I'm going off to college soon, I want something small and sturdy but still cute, to take to parties, events, etc, etc. I rounded up a bunch of options in a wide range of prices (I'm trying to be realistic, I swear!), and I seriously need like half of them. Enjoy:

Lauren Merkin Louise Embossed Suede Clutch, $200 at, Lauren Merkin Ava Lizard Embossed Clutch, $295 at, Felix Rey Mesi Ikat Clutch, $190 at Lauren Merkin makes the cutest clutches! They're very basic, and very versatile, but well-made, affordable, and definitely not boring. I love the subtle gathering and pattern. And how cute is the ikat pattern on that last clutch? Ikat is very in right now, and perfect for summer--and this clutch has a leopard lining. Love.

Rebecca Minkoff Stud Fling Minaudieres Clutch, $275 at, Exotica Hinge Wallet, $20 at, Treesje London Clutch in Black Patent, $185 at This stud clutch is my absolute favorite. It's a unique shape, and the evenly spaced studs are just so in and so fantastic. I die. The clutch in the middle is only $20! It look so much more expensive with that black patent croc print, and just a little retro with the rectangular shape. And on the right, here's a slightly more affordable take on the studded clutch. Again, studs plus patent equals I die.

Kimchi Blue Tie Dye Clutch, $38 at, Cammie Hill Tie Dye Envelope Clutch, $215 at, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dr. Q. Magazine Clutch, $348 at Again, that Kimchi Blue clutch looks way more expensive than just under 40 bucks, and the pattern is such a subtle, classy take on tie dye. If you want a more festive, colorful tie dye clutch, the Cammie Hill clutch is perfect. I like that it's all these neon colors and tie dye, for crying out loud, but it doesn't look trashy. And last but not least, if you want a seriously oversized clutch, this Marc by Marc version is perfection and a very practical day option.

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