Friday, March 27, 2009

Trend-spotting for Fall: Magenta

You know how every season there's a new "it color"? It's been cobalt, grey, purple, etc, etc. Well this year it's (drumroll)....magenta! As in fuchsia meets purple, as in very '80s neon fantasticness. zIt cropped up everywhere, dresses, coats, tops, even pants. Enjoy:

Christian Dior, Michael Kors, Versace:

Pucci, Halston, Martin Grant:

Magenta is such a fun, unexpected color that I actually haven't seen a lot of for the last few seasons, so it still feels fresh. Since it's so bright and so high-impact I think it works best in edgier, more architectural, tailored pieces like the asymmetrical drss at Pucci or the shirtdress at Halston and when toned it down with neutral accessories and bits of black or white. The great thing about magenta is that it works in very minimalist looks, like at Martin Grant, but can also be extremely rich and exotic, like in the sari-inspired dresses at Christian Dior. And while it may not seem that way, magenta is actually a really flattering color--don't be scared off by it.

Image Sources:
Christian Dior:
Martin Grant:
Michael Kors:

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