Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Erin Wasson x RVCA

Erin Wasson has fantastic personal style. She's been Alexander Wang's personal muse for a while now (which says a lot) and she's finally branched out into a solo venture, pairing up with RVCA to create a capsule collection chock-full of typical Erin Wasson adorableness. And it's affordable. Can you say jackpot?

Enchanted Camisole, $55 at lagarconne.com, Black/White Hardnation Blazer, $248 at oaknyc.com, Shock Value Tank, $55 at openingceremony.us. Drapey tanks like this one are huge right now, and this is the most viable, actually affordable option I've seen. That blazer has a lightning bolt print on the back. For serious. It's got the perfect boyfriend fit, and looks like it costs much more than just under $250. How cute is that tank on the right? I have no idea who's on it, but it looks nice and soft and baggy in all the right places.

Black Christian Skirt, $124 at oaknyc.com, Righteousness is Preferred Tank, $55 at openingceremony.us, EZ-E Tee, $50 at lagarconne.com. High-waisted minis are big for fall. This is a seriously adorable, reasonably priced option. Buy. Enough said. Another super-cute tank, and I mean, come on, it says "Righteousness is preferred." Quirky, but endearing. And for those of you still searching for the perfect white v-neck, voila!

Overall, I have to say that I'm really impressed with Erin Wasson's line! Usually models-turned-designers or actresses-turned-singers or singers-turned-fashion-designers turn out to be very disappointing, but this is a seriously solid effort that I can actually see Erin Wasson wearing. Bravo.

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EZ-E Tee: lagarconne.com

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