Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who Knew?

So while Megan and I were out on our amazing shopping extravaganza yesterday, we were at Sephora and picked up a thing or to. I also happen to be a part of the Insider Club or whatever they call it, and got one of those little freebies they toss out every once and a while. Of the three choices I had, two I had no use for, so I picked the Anastasia Matte Highlighter. While I also thought that this product would be pointless, I was so wrong. Yes, it is supposed to highlight the under brow area and it does a good job of it. But what is surprising it that it makes for a good undereye coverup too! I was somewhat bored and decided to see if it would work on my under eye area because I've been obsessed with finding a way to get rid of the dark circles I've been experinceing of late. I have to say, what a difference. I think that somehow the soft matte pink of the stick cancels out the dark blue that runs right under my eyes. I actually look awake for once. Carzy. The stick goes on like a cream and dries as a powder, which gives you enough time to blend it in and add any touch ups that are neccessary. I am most definitely going to go out and buy the full-sized version as soon as I run out of the little mini me. If you have dark undereye circles/puffy eyes, you might want to try this product too. Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Highlighter retails for $21 on

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