Sunday, March 15, 2009

Richie Rich: House of Harlow

It's probably wide agreed upon by now that Nicole Richie is a master at full blown makeovers. Long gone are her Simple Life days, and here to stay (hopefully) is her more mature hippie chic persona. Which brings me to her jewelery line, House of Harlow, named after her daughter. The line is modestly priced for what you get, not too expensive but not cheap either. The style is slightly art deco, made modern with tiny Richie eccentricities. All you need to complete the look is a boho dress and some braids in your hair and then you're set.

Gold Seven Strand Headband, $395. Green Pyramid Bangle, $68.

Black Leather Ring, $38. Black Resin Triangle Necklace, $125.

Thin Rose Gold Antique Ring, $12. Palladium Antique Skinny Bangle, $35.

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