Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

I assume everybody's pretty familar with Matthew Williamson, previously the designer behind Pucci and still the designer behind his namesake line. Well I have groundbreaking news. He's doing a collection for H&M. I know. And not one of those "it's kind of like my real collection but not really at all like my real collection" things (cough, Alexander McQueen for Target, cough). It actually looks like Matthew Williamson, and it actually looks high quality! I am seriously freaking out about this. It releases at about 200 H&M stores on April 23, so get there early. With all the crazy that came with the Commes de Garcons for H&M collection, I'd get there a couple of hours early. Maybe spend the night on the sidewalk.

I must have this blue boyfriend blazer. The cut and the shade are perfection, and those are some pretty adorable ankle-length pants (start stocking up on these now). That leather jacket/maxi dress combo is genius, and both pieces would look stunning separately as well. And I can't even talk about how gorgeous that pink cocktail dress is. If I didn't know it was H&M, I would have thought it was off the Fall runways. For serious.

There are a bunch of cute, peacock print sweaters and necklaces, some more printed dresses, some hot motorcycle inspired pieces, a super-cute clutch, basically general amazingness. Why can't April come sooner? I don't know if I can wait a whole month for this...

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Maxi dress:
Pink dress:
First combo image:
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