Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Milan Roundup #5

Milan Roundup #43463476 million trillion (okay, that's a little melodramatic, but that's what it feels like). Today I continued to strongly dislike Dolce and Gabbana (sorry Maudie), be mesmerized by pretty background colors at Versace, and discover that I actually secretly love Pollini (and Jonathan Saunders! who knew?). Enjoy.

Versace: The background changes colors. So pretty...Versace's on trend with the neon pink, but I like the sparseness of this dress with just the tiny slash of black patent. It keeps the pink from being overwhelming. How adorable is that paillete mini dress? It totally reminds me of Anne Hathaway's Oscar gown, but in a much more wearable and flattering shape. Fish scales never looked so good. And it wouldn't be Versace without sexy goddess gowns--but how gorgeous is that blue?

All Pollini: Pollini was good. Like really good. I was kind of freaking out. There was the same puffed shoulder as Dolce and Gabbana, but done here in much more wearable cropped motorcycle jackets (that skirt and jacket are the perfect proportions). There was a swirly, blown up print slapped on a bunch of mini dresses that was part tattoo print, part swirly abstract waves, and part amazing. It's carefree and colorful, but the dress length keeps it from being cutesy (and I love that fur circle scarf. need).

Fendi, Fendi, Maxmara: I loved the blocked texture dresses at Fendi. The way that they emphasize the waist is really flattering, and the layering of different textures keeps the subdued color palette from being gloomy, and instead makes it really luxurious. How perfect are those pants are Maxmara? I'm in love. And I really like how they styled the wide-leg pants with the cropped blazer and buttoned cardigan underneath--instead of looking suity, it ends up looking totally relaxed and adorable.

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