Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who knew forks could be cute?

Maudie and I had a particularly successful shopping adventure yesterday (which is extremely, extremely rare), and one of the things Maudie found while we were trying to convince our bestie to go flirt with the insanely hot Forever 21 employee was this equally hot shirt.

It's black and white, with a tiny fork print in a semi-circle on the front and the back. That sounds weird, but it's really cute, and the fork print just looks like a necklace/tie dye from far away, but is totally quirky and a little gothic from close-up. Plus the fabric is really soft, and the fit has a very wide neckline (show off that collarbone) with the just right mix of fitted and baggy. And all that only costs $19.80 at And I realize that I can kill anything with my crappy pictures, but trust me, it looks like an actual designer made it.

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