Friday, March 20, 2009

Trend Spotting: Soft Waves + Neutral Makeup

One of the trends seen on the spring runways in terms of beauty was a combo of soft waves and neutral makeup. Shocking, I know. Because that hasn't already been going on for the past few seasons now. But no matter, it looks pretty and that's why the trend is still with us. Below are images from three different runway shows, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Chloe, and Gucci. Bare with me and ignore the makeup from Gucci. Sure it's fine for a party or something, but we're talking day to day basics right now. And unless you're five, bright turquoise usually isn't acceptable in the middle of the day. (But if you insist, small proportions please!)

Alessandro Dell'Acqua



See how you can follow the same trend but use different interpretations from day to day, allowing you to mix it up but keep the look all at the same time? Crazy. At
Alessandro Dell'Acqua the waves were a little more natural looking, disheveled and tease to look like there might be a hint of frizz. There was also a sort of cranberry tinted peach colored lip gloss applied to the lips and an incredibly light pink blush on the cheeks. At Chloe, the hair was almost straight. To get this look, no matter if your hair is curly or straight, blow dry it with a round brush, occaisonally wrapping it around the ends of 1-inch peices. The makeup was an extreme case of neutrals, with an almost flesh colored blush along with a pale goldeny-taupe eye shadow. At Gucci (again, ignore the makeup... think of it as an antithesis), models' hair was placed in large hot rollers and wrapped up, then taken down a while later and fingered through to get that voluptuous wave. Just look at that model's hair! Jealous.

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