Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Collegiate Chic

I don't want to rant, but my life is pretty much dominated by college decisions right now. I seriously have a totally one-track thought process right now. One of the positive things that has come out of my crazy college obsessingness (I'm down to making up words, someone please help me) is that I've realized that Victoria's Secret does some totally adorable college sweatshirts! They've teamed up with about 35 schools to design college gear for them. Whether or not Victoria's Secret designs sweats for a school may have played a role in my application process. I'm 95% kidding.

UCLA Pullover Hoodie, $52.50 at victoriassecret.com, UCLA Yoga Pant, $34.50 at victoriassecret.com,
UCLA Zip Hoodie, $38 at victoriassecret.com

You probably noticed that all of these are from UCLA (admission decisions come out tomorrow! subtle, right?). That's because it's seriously only one of the two schools I applied to (out of ten!) that Victoria's Secret collaborates with. It's a travesty. You can go on their website and vote for your school to be next though--I am def getting on that. But seriously, how cute are these? I mean, if you're going to show school spirit, it may as well be through a cute sweatshirt. These are fitted instead of boxy, and actually made for, you know, women. Those pants are looking particularly cozy right about now.

On a totally random note, I want this peace-sign hoodie. I think I've made my undying love of peace signs clear, and this is a peace sign made out of words! Maybe it's just me, and all that college stress is getting to my head. If it's not, this hoodie is $39.50 at victoriassecret.com.

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