Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Street Style: Crazy Pants and More

I am stressed, and uninspired, and broke. Which tends to lead to less than adorable outfits. So, for some guidance in the midst of gloomy LA (raining! again!), I turned to Fashion Week candids, and now I seriously want to go eat something yellow...possibly lemon sorbet...

Susie Bubble!!! Looking amazing, as always. I love the gigantic black scarf (if I could knit, I would be all over that), the black and white pieces on top, and the bright yellow tapered trousers. The acid yellow works so well with stark colors, and I feel more cheerful already! Here's another take in it in a slightly warmer yellow, again with a black jacket and white top. This marigoldy yellow is probably more flattering, and the matching scarf really ties the whole outfit together. And check out that coat on the right. I'm 99.999% sure it's Larsen Gray, and OMG I want it, and it's another way to work bright yellow into your wardrobe without looking like a raver kid. Always a plus.
The fit of that blazer (left) is impeccable. It hits at exactly the right spot on the waist--I think there's one like this for McQ for Target...may need to check that out. Those are camo shorts in the middle. Camo shorts. I never thought I would like camo, but it looks so cute there...It might be hard to see here, but the girl on the far right has got some amazing layering of different textures and patterns that gives the muted color palette an amazing richness. And I want her coat.

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