Friday, March 27, 2009

Really Cheap Shoes

I've been really trying to focus on scoring shopping deals lately, because I know the economy is hitting everyone's wallets, and I'm, well, broke. Which is why the idea of super-cheap shoes appeals to me. All of these shoes cost $42.50 and under. That's right. Less than $50 for a pair of on-trend shoes. And you know where I found these? I know! I had totally written their catalog off as tacky and cheap, but they've stepped it up. Check it out below.

La Villa Sandal, $42.50 at, Moroccan Sandal, $34.50 at, Shelby Sandal, $39.50 at Those first sandals are a lot like these, except, you know, $150 less. And those two studded sandals are so cute! The first pair is a little edgier, and all the studs are kind of reminding me of last seasons Balmain heels--very in. The second pair is very pared down, Mediterranean chic, and the turquoise/chocolate combo is classic.

Delphine Gladiator, $34.50 at, Nolita Heel, $32.50 at, Nina Platform, $39.50 at I want those first heels. They are exactly what I've been looking for: gladiator-esque, chunky heeled, platforms, slightly textured. Love. For a more 'tribal' inspired look, big for Spring, these middle heels are perfect without being over the top, and the last pair of heels is a more classic take on the bondage heel trend that's been big this season.

Now, I'm not saying that these are the highest quality shoes on the market, because let's face it, they aren't, but they're well-priced, on-trend shoes, and when is that not completely fantastic?

PS: I'm sorry for the lack of posts today, but today/tomorrow a lot of college admissions decisions are coming in, and it can be a little overwhelming (if anyone cares, I got into Berkeley! Yay!), but I have the next two weeks off, so I'll be back full force.

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