Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something I Might Kinda Sorta Be Excited For

The newest designer to land a gig for Target is the surfsational Tracy Feith, whose collection is inspired by old-school prints and shapes. A.K.A. and homage to the '60s, surfing's ultimate heyday. Now if that sounds old and overdone to you, ignore this post. But, if you're like me and have a surfboard collecting dust in your garage and really need to start heading back out into the water, read on. Some of the items appear like they'll look cheap in person, but a few look uber cute and will hopefully be made of decent (and wearable!) fabrics. I have a feeling the black motorcycle jacket is going to be a huge success and that the store might have to restock on those guys. Some of the dresses are flirty and light, perfect for summer. Most of the collection seems to be a mash of mod, surfer dude, and biker chick. No complaints here.

Megan says: the brunette model is Allie Crandell from The City! Is it sad that I know that? And I must have those zipper dresses. Must.

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