Saturday, March 7, 2009

Surprisingly in love with Frye

The first thing at comes to mind when I think about Frye is boots. Really cute boots (which I will buy eventually), but just boots. Well, I was surfing their website I do way too much...and I had an epiphany. They make cute shoes. Like really, really adorable shoes (and handbags!). Check it out:

Grace T Strap, $228 at, June Slingback, $198 at These those shoes on the left came in black/dark brown, I would have bought them already. Seriously. I love them. They're the perfect mix of sturdy, boho, and a little edgy with the tiny studs. And how hot are those wedges? I love how the leather and the wood wedge match exactly, with the contrast of the subtle brass hardware.

June T Strap, $198 at, Dara T Strap, $188 at That is such a gorgeous green, and it's so cheerful with the pale wood! I just want to put these on and dance around in 70's inspired outfits (which is possible because of the comfy platform). I am seriously in love with those dark brown sandals. They've got a vintage Chloe thing going on, with the wood and the boho vibe. Those plus a floaty sundresses = insanely chic.

Mary Studded T Strap, $158 at, Vanessa Woven 2 Piece, $158 at So not only does Frye do great heels, but adorable flats as well. The studded sandals are on the edgier side, and the pale purple sandals are just the right amount of girly.

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