Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stay Tuned After These Messages...

Generally, characters on tv dress at least decently well, especially when they're on fashion oriented shows. However, there are some television characters who have been getting on my nerves lately. Not necessarily because they can't act or I despise the actor in and of themselves, but because the costume artist seems to be completely uninspired when the time comes to design/buy their outfits. Granted, most of these characters aren't supposed to be mega wealthy or anything, but come on, it's tv. This is lalaland we're talking about, the whole willing suspension of disbelief thing works just as well for television as it does for movies. And I know these girls are pretty, so why are they covering them up? WHY? I know for a fact that they can dress better than this. I have faith.

Sarah Walker - "Chuck"
Sure, in some scenes she has to wear ridiculous outfits for her cover jobs at Weinerlicious and Mango Mango (or whatever), but outside of those choices...yuck. There is one episode where she wears the most god awful vest I have ever seen in my entire life. The outfit pictured above isn't that bad, but the proportions are soooo wrong.She is most definitely pretty, though, because in some scenes she wears nice evening gowns (courtesy of the government, of course). Her character just needs a little help with the whole body-clinging-clothes-all-the-freakin-time obstacle. Baby steps.

Olivia Dunham - "Fringe"
Bad picture, bad picture, I know. But the other ones weren't much better either. Might I just start off with saying--when is a brown blouse (especially with a black suit) EVER acceptable?! Ever? Frustration aside, her outfits are so boring. I mean, I almost have to hit the snooze button every time I watch the show. Come on, if they can let Joshua Jackson be smokin, they can share in the love just a little bit, right? Also, her hair is so freakin strait (AND FRIZZY!) that it really freaks me out. If they put just a hint of curl in her hair it would still be fitting with the dorkiness of her character and might possibly add some depth to her acting which is so blank. Personally, I blame it on the outfits. Since this is supposed to be one of the many new "X-Files," they could also give her a little more of a Scully vibe (from the later seasons, of course). No harm in a little copy cat work.

Juliet O'Hara - "Psych"
Jules, Jules, Jules. While I have already steadily established that James Roday, a.k.a Shawn Spencer, is my future husband, his main squeeze needs a little bit of a makeover. She's just so cute that it hurts me when I see her wear heinous suits. And her hair is always up. What's with that? When they want to make her "sexy" they just put her hair down. Ok, if they did that more often that would be fantastic. Plus, she needs cuter clothes now. What's with the whole "I'm a cop so I can't dress" mentality? Get with it people. It's tv. You can wear whatever you want.

This is actually making me kind of sad. I want to be on tv. Like right now. So I can pick amazingly adorable outfits to parade around in. Everywhere. And then I can steal them and just be pretty all the time...Somebody needs to stop me. I'm having issues...

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