Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sophomore NYC

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think about wardrobe basics? For me, it's American Apparel, and that's fine 90% of the time. But sometimes you want tees and other basics that you don't see on every other person at Starbucks. It's times like that when I turn to Sophomore NYC.

They do basics with a bit of an edge. Sometimes it's '80s/'90s, sometimes it's hippie, sometimes it's a little punk, but it's always easy, it-girl chic. And their look-books are fantastic.

Zipper Skirt, $104 at, Twist Tank, $56 at, Cut Out Dress, $220 at That zipper skirt is unfortunately sold out for now, but I couldn't leave it out. It adds just the right amount of scandal to a basic tee (and looks so comfy!). The keyhole on the back gives a nice update to the basic tank, and the loose fit balances out the extra skin nicely. That cut out dress is giving me a serious Alexander Wang vibe--but significantly cheaper. The cut outs at the waist are so unexpected but so sexy, and they highlight the skinniest part of your torso, which is always a plus.

V-Neck Tank, $56 at, Zipper Dress, $170 at, Shoulder Dress, $210 at Again, another basic tank updated with an a-line fit and a deep v-neckline. Very masculine meets feminine in the best way possible. I love this zipper dress. It's so versatile and basic, and works for day (fully zipped) and night (less than fully zipped). This last dress is my favorite. The exposed shoulders are so subtly sexy, on trend, and just adorable, and the looser fit balances out the shorter hemline.

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