Sunday, March 1, 2009

Backstage: Hair and Makeup at Missoni

I loved the Missoni show. I just have to say that. LOVED IT. And it was really great to hear that not only is the hair and makeup look easy to replicate, it's even easier to do than my normal routine! This will literally take you five minutes of effort, leaving more time to work the new Hills trailer over and over again. Or maybe that's just me.

Here's the makeup routine: To make their skin glow, the models wore hydrating masks and got facial massages (why can't someone do that for me every morning?). Then a tiny bit of concealer was applied where necessary (try MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer), eyelashes were curled, some clear lip balm was slapped on their lips (try Aquaphor), and someone pinched their cheeks before they hit the runway. That's it. I know. I wish I looked that awesome with that little effort. Sigh.

Hair was blow dried straight, and then spritzed with Wella Ocean Spritz to add soft texture and volume. Then hair was parted down the center, spritzed again, and pulled up into a low, loose bun. Right before the show started, the models' hair was taken down, shaken out and randomly scrunched up to give it that "I spent the day at a windy beach look." Done and done.

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