Friday, March 27, 2009

Too Adorable for Words

I couldn't resist pointing out this little bundle of cuteness. It's a TGIF thing I guess. Anyways, just look at this Clu dress. It's like a t-shirt combined with a silk, ruffle ballerina skirt (it's a two for one deal!). The ballerina thing is big for spring, and so is the tiered ruffle thing, so this dress is totally on-trend for the next few months. I think you could get some long-term leverage out of this too though, because it really reminds me of that tutu skirt dress that Carrie wore in the Sex and the City intro. Anybody else get that vibe? That was about 10 years ago, so obviously the ballerina trend is sticking around. I think it appeals to the secret fairytale princess in all of us. Take a look.

Clu T-shirt w/ Ruffle Skirt, $210 at And $210 isn't really that bad for a dress that works for so may occasions. I mean, this is a great day dress, dinner dress, date dress, even cocktail dress if jazzed up with the right accessories.

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