Thursday, March 12, 2009

Made to Order

Sarah Seven is a Portland based designer who sells custom-fitted clothes (mainly dresses) on Etsy. She is also a genius. Let me explain. Etsy is like a giant online store that anyone can sell on. It has lots of vintage, new, and custom-made stuff of every variety--anything from clothes to furniture to, well, anything. Sarah Sevens designs gorgeous (like amazingly gorgeous) clothes on Etsy. From what I can see, when you buy one of her pieces you send in your measurements, and she makes everything to fit you perfectly. It looks like some of her stuff is also flexible about fabric/color/detailing, which gives you even more options. This is seriously perfect for people who are scared to shop online because it's guaranteed to fit you! Oh, and did I mention that her stuff is gorgeous?

Midnight Stroll dress, $345 at, Fancy That dress, $189 at, Flock dress, $248 at It's hard to see, but that LBD on the left has gorgeous pleating in the bodice, and the black dress in the middle has a bow with two rhinestones at the neckline (such a perfect day dress), plus the printed dress can be made longer. I've having serious troubles here. I want all of these (and I mean it this time). All of them. And they seem pretty reasonably priced for custom-fitted dresses, no? I see some definite prom options here!

Powdered Sugar dress, $375 at, Robins Egg dress, $385 at, White as Snow dress, $455 at If anyone's still looking for a graduation dress, the dresses on the left and right are perfect! The left dress is a little short, but it's so pretty I'm seriously at a loss for words here. Chiffon...sweetheart neckline...waistline beading...brain exploding. And that dress on the right is one, totally classic, two, adorable, and three, looks like it costs twice what it actually does. The color of that middle dress kills me. It's like a green/blue-gray that's the right mix of quirky and elegant. I'm seriously freaking out about these right now. These dresses have a bit of an Erin Fetherston vibe, but cheaper! Aka perfection.

With All My Love dress, $1,210 at, Athena Gown, $1,010 at If I was getting married right now (which would be weird, seeing as I'm still in highschool but whatever) I would be doing in it one of these dresses. Probably the one on the left. It has these gorgeous, organic flowers arranged asymmetrically on the waist, and it's just so soft and romantic without being overly girly. If you want an empire-waist wedding dress, this is the best one I've seen. It has four layers at the bottom and a built-in bustier. Very simple, very, very chic. And the prices for these are actually pretty decent. A nice wedding dress made to your measurements at say, Kleinfeld's, would cost you about twice that.

With every purchase she donates 5% to two different charities, and she uses a lot of recycled bustiers in her dresses. I mean, gorgeous dresses, donations, and recycling? That's a rare and beautiful combination.

Visit Sarah Seven's website, and her Etsy shop.

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