Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally, a primer I can actually wear

I cannot wear primer. I understand why it's a good idea to prime the canvas that is your face (that sounds awkward), I want my makeup to go on more smoothly and last longer, and basically all the things promised by primers sound great. The only problem is that primers are evil. Any primer with even a trace of silicone in it breaks me out (Smashbox Photofinish, I'm looking at you), and even 'light' primers (Smashbox again) turn my face into the ring of fire. I know silicone isn't supposed to clog your pores, but it's the only thing that clogs mine! And the only primers I've found without silicone, like LORAC's aquaPrime, do absolutely nothing. Which is why I'm literally freaking out about this new Korres Primer.

First off, I love Korres. They are fantastic, and I can pretend I bought their stuff in Greece (not that I would ever do that). But second, this primer has no silicones, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petro-chemicals, phthalates, or GMOs. AKA it's free of all the bad things you could ever imagine in makeup, and it's packed full of Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Edelweiss Extract. The primer itself is actually 99% natural, the tube packaging is hygienic, and the primer has fantastic reviews on the Sephora website. For once, I think I've found a primer that might actually live up to it's promises.

Korres Face Primer, $28 at

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