Sunday, March 1, 2009

Backstage: Hair at Conventry

Coventry's Fall/Winter 2009 show featured one of the most spectacular braided updos I've ever seen. It looks super complicated, but it's actually not that difficult! And it doesn't look Milkmaidy. Win-win-win.

Step One: Apply Davines Defining Texturizer to the hair to give it body and keep it from looking overly polished, then comb all the hair back from the forehead, divide it in half, and create two ponytail fishtail braids.

Step Two: Take one braid and wrap it over to the other side of the head and back, creating a sideways 'U' shape. Repeat with other braid, wrapping it under the first.

Step Three: Pin both braids into place as you would a bun.

Step Four: Pull a few pieces out from the front, to give it that piecey, disheveled look, spritz with hairsp

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