Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

I promised I'd update about my dress shopping adventure, and I didn't forget! It's a miracle. While I'm still convinced that SoCal has the worst Nordstroms ever (I can't even explain it, you'd have to see them), I actually only tried on two things and bought one of them. If you knew me you'd know how rare that is.
BCBG Colorblock Dress, $178 at, and BCBG Embroidered Babydoll Dress, $238 at I ended up buying the dress on the left (of course I spent last night blogging about getting a super-girly, ruffly dress, and I end up with an origami-inspired one. Go figure). This picture doesn't do it justice. It actually looks better on a real person with actual curves. It's hard to see, but the pink and white bits are both pleated, and there are two slash pockets at the hips (that actually lay flat and don't give me bubble hip! FINALLY!). I really like this because it's very flattering on me, since the pink highlights my waist nicely and the dark skirt minimizes my hips. And it would make a cute date/dinner dress. Score! I also tried on this blue dress, which is seriously way cuter in person as the blue is much brighter. This wasn't right for the tea I have to go to, but the cut-out eyelet pattern at the hem and the exposed zipper at the back are very on-trend, and it's just such a cute day dress! Now I want it....
J. Crew Stretch Cotton Sateen Daphne Dress, $128 at We also went to J. Crew, and I know that this doesn't like very cute but bare with me! It's really flattering and much cuter on a person, and very Michelle Obama. If you want a bit of a younger look, hem the skirt about six inches, and you have the perfect little shift dress. Add some platform heels and top it with a cropped motorcyle jacket, and you have a great, super-chic look! Plus, a shift dress is seriously timeless, and this one is so well-made that you can literally wear it inside out, it's that nicely lined (the only reason I bring that up is because the lining is a gorgeous sateen and there's a cute white band at the belt, it's not completely random I promise). Also, when I was at J. Crew I saw the cutest green pencil skirt with a bow at the waist. I can't find it online, but check out your local J. Crew and look for it! Seriously, I died. On a side note, check out Glamour's preview of J. Crew's Fall collection. They seriously get better and better every year.

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