Saturday, March 7, 2009

Review: Clairol Perfect 10 Part Deux

So Megan posted about her views of Clairol's Perfect 10 hair dye earlier, and now I'm doing my part. I would have to say it is really easy, but for me it honestly takes a little longer than ten minutes. I can be a bit of a spaz sometimes and I think that that contributes to my problem. But if your a normal human being and can follow directions, good for you, you'll be fine. While Megan was experimenting with the browns, I've been mixin it up with reds and now dark blonde. I have to say, your hair is definitely softer and incredibly shinier after you use this product. For those of you who have a sensitive scalp like I do, the formula does tingle, but it never really stings. I would also suggest buying shampoo and conditioner that is meant for color treated hair, otherwise it might turn brassy or fade really quickly. That is besides that conditioner that comes with the product, of course. So now I guess I'll walk you through the color transformation/evolution of my hair. The first picture is my natural hair color. Nice and dark brown, but kind of boring when you've lived with it your whole life. The second is after a double dosage of what I recall as being Medium Reddish Blonde 8RB and Light Auburn 6R. The last is my newest color, Dark Blonde 7. Beware, the cameras used in each of these photos makes my hair color look slightly different than in reality, but they're close enough.

Now go out there, be brave, and know that there are many colors that will look good on you.

And yes, those are the infamous gold Moschino jeans.

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