Monday, March 9, 2009

Unlikely source for great jewelry

Don't get me wrong, I love Urban Outfitters. It can be a little hit and miss, but overall there are some pretty cute clothes there. Now, as for accessories, those are generally a lot more miss and a lot less hit. But last time I was there, I saw some pretty adorable jewelry that I had to share with you guys.

Mesh Metal Link Necklace, $34 at, Serpentine Necklace, $58 at, Semi Precious Flecked Ring, $28 at These two necklaces are the perfect weigh to edge up/weigh down a floaty sundress for spring, and would transition perfectly into fall--plus I'm seriously digging the intricate knot on the second necklace. It's that kind of off-beat detail that makes an outfit. And how gorgeous is that gold ring? It's very rough and earthy, in a way, but the unfinished look of the ring works perfectly with the imperfect nature of the stone. Love.

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Chain necklace:
Knot necklace:

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