Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YSL Young Sexy Lovely

This was my first perfume EVER. I know. It's a very sensitive subject. I wish I could say it was middle school (which explains the uh, lapse in judgment) but sadly it was like three years ago. That's not to say that this isn't a good perfume--it's just the stereotypical middle school girl's first perfume. I'll elaborate.

I actually still really like the bottle. The logo is recognizable, but not overpowering, and I love the cut-out heart in the center. The bottle itself is a nice, heavy glass, standard designer fragrance stuff, and I never had a problem with the dispenser. As for the scent itself, I'm a little torn. It still appeals to the pre-teen girl in me (who thinks perfume should be flowers! and more flowers!), but I can't really stand it anymore. When I wear perfumes, I wear one perfume at a time until the bottle wears out. Which is generally when I start to hate the perfume. I know, it's a flawed system, I'm working on it. I went through a whole bottle of this, but
on a swelteringly hot day, I will still reach for this. It's light, cool, and not overwhelming in the heat.

Anyways, the notes are: nashi pear, mandarin orange, redcurrant, cherry blossom, magnolia, wine yard peach, crystalline musks, amber, and cedarwood. That's a lot of notes, but it doesn't come across as particularly complex or layered. On me it just melds into a giant mass of sticky sweet, slightly icy flowers and fruits, probably more pear, peach, and cherry blossom than anything else (I had no idea musks, cedarwood, or amber were even in this). On the plus side, I can't smell any magnolia in this at all. White flowers send me screaming in the other direction (they smell like dead people!). Young Sexy Lovely is extremely, extremely girly, but very light. The lasting power's not that great, but you won't make people faint if they're stuck in the elevator with you (always a plus).

The scent itself really isn't that bad. It's rather cliched, stereoptyical department store fare, it's kind of flat, and it's definitely a really young scent. The fact that the sweetness is present, but not vomit-inducing makes it a chic perfume...for a middle-schooler. I've kind of overdosed on it by now, but I think the name would keep me from repurchasing. I mean, who wants to tell a stranger that they're wearing "Young, Sexy, Lovely?" Not so much.

YSL Young Sexy Lovely EDT, $58.99 for 1.6 ounces at target.com

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YSL Perfume: sephora.com

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