Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Love All Kinds of Toast

So, Toast is an English clothing company that's supposedly a beloved chain across the pond. It seems a little J. Crew meets Zara meets Banana Republic. But cute. And it's English, so it's actually better! I know the exchange rate isn't that great right now, but the euro dollar relationship is changing all the time, so keep an eye out for great deals.

Hazed Nightie, 49 euros at, Satin Twill Skirt, 99 euros at, Corina Jacket, 185 euros at I know it's a nightgown, but how much of a cute sundress would this be? It's all white, and flowy, and patterned, and...adorable. This twill skirt is such a perfect basic--very flattering, with a comfy, stretchy waist, and done in a gorgeous jewel tone. Here's another incarnation of the boyfriend jacket, but the single-botton is unique. It gives the jacket more of an easy, summer vibe.

Calisto Boot, 225 euros at, Silver and Bead Multi String Necklace, 42 euros, Fatigues, 89 euros at This a the slouchy boot done to perfection. These would look amazing with slim pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, really anything, and add an instant nonchalant vibe. To liven up all these basics, Toast has gorgeous jewelry as well. The long, skinny beads have a bit of a tribal vibe, but the red and white combo is so fresh and festive! Those cargos are actually a really pretty blue, and they look so comfy! I love the way they're styled in that photo. So chic.

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