Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Declaring it Officially Summer

I don't care that it's currently 60 degrees in LA or that there's some official season calendar somewhere that says summer starts in June. It's almost May, and I get out of school in two weeks, ergo it is summertime (my fancy word usage makes it MORE official. Take that evil calendar). Anyways, since it is now summertime, I feel like it's about time to break out some coral lippie. Of course, since this is me we're talking about here, I'm too indecisive to decide what kind of coral lippie I want--something more on the orangey/red size, or something in the more traditional pinky-coral category.

These two are the pinkier options. That's MAC's Lipstick in See Sheer on the left and MAC's Lipstick in Vegas Volt on the right, both $14 at maccosmetics.com. See Sheer is a bit brighter and deeper than Vegas Volt in real life, but both are medium, pink/orange corals. There's just something so fun and summery about these two! I want to pair them with white dresses and head off to a beach STAT. I might be leaning towards See Sheer out of these two because Kristen Stewart wore it on the cover of Nylon recently, and it looked amahzing.

These are the orangier/redder options. CARGO Plantlove's Lipstick in Evangeline, which I already posted about, is on the bottom left of the pic on the left (confusing!), and is $20 at sephora.com, and YSL Rouge Volupte in Orange Shiver and Extreme Coral (ignore the third swatch) is on the right, and is $34 at sephora.com: Evangeline is definitely brighter in real life, but it's surprisingly wearable, especially as a stain, and it's eco-friendly! I've heard the YSL Rouge Volupte lippies are unbelievable, but they're a little pricey...I'm torn between Orange Shiver and Extreme Coral, but I think Orange Shiver might be a little more realistic...

I think my favorites are See Sheer and Orange Shiver/Evangeline. That was difficult! Now I can't just buy one of them. Oh dear. This blog is most definitely having a negative effect on my bank account.

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