Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unexpectedly Awesome Bling

I'm seriously impressed with J. Crew's new jewelery designers. I mean, I didn't even know that they made jewelery a while ago, and now I' obsessing over their designs. Their jewelry is the perfect mix of retro, elegant, and of the moment, and is totally covetable.

Stained Glass Necklace, $125 at, Bubble Necklace, $150 at, Silk-ribbon chain-link necklace, $98 at These first two necklaces have such an awesome 50's vibe, but the exposed chain keeps them from getting too kitschy. Wear these with a simple tee or LBD for a serious statement. For a more modern, slightly edgier vibe, go for this silk/chain necklace (so urban ballerina). The juxtaposition of the chain and silk is spot on, and the ribbon is adjustable, so you can get a variety of looks out of this one piece--and it's pretty reasonably priced. All their stuff is quite well-made, so you get what you pay for.

Pearl Ribbon Necklace, $55 at, Sunburst Medallion cuff Bracelet, $115 at, Cascade Necklace, down from $128 to $98 at That first necklace is so Lanvin, with the combination of the pale pink pearls and black ribbon. I've seen this one in person, and even my mom liked it! That's big. And that cuff bracelet is so Verdura. Except, you know, like $1,000 cheaper. I love the drama of the rows of beads on that Cascade necklace (on sale!). The layers and the size of the beads are high-impact, but the sheer glass keeps the whole necklace from going over the top.

Fleur Locket, $55 at, Cluster Ring, $65 at, Small Floral Ring, $50 at There's something about lockets. They have this amazing, romantic, precious vibe that just makes me want to collect 20 of them and wear them all at once (not that I would ever do that...). The pearl and sunburst on the front of this locket make it stand out from the pack. J. Crew makes great rings as well as necklaces! I love the tropical cocktail vibe of that cluster ring--it's so chicly festive! And that floral ring is so darling and simple, but insanely elegant. The rhinestone center gives it the perfect amount of sparkle.

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