Thursday, April 16, 2009

Absolute Amazingness

Yes. I am relishing in my pure bliss this very moment. Net-a-Porter just launched its little sister site, entitled Basically everything that is a la mode, but from about 40% off and up! As I said, AMAZING. There are a bunch of high fashion designers on there and the clothes are from the current/last season, so they are still incredibly relevant. Drooool. You can choose from clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories plus there is one link called "Dress Me." So if you know you need an outfit for something in particular and just can't think of what to buy, they have links set up for you, like "Fun in the Sun" and "First Date." Pretty wicked, hunh? They also have "Flash Sales" which are basically 72 hour sales. They even have countdown bars so you know to the second how much time you have left. Yes.

And while most of the clothes are still expensive, they are hundreds of dollars (if not thousands) less than what you would pay in a retail store. And in this economy, hell, I'm not complaining. Also, as a side note, things sell out ridiculously fast, so get a move on it.

Here are some marvelous examples of what you will find on the Outnet:

3.1 Philip Lim pleated silk dress, original price $575 and on sale for $345. Christion Louboutin N. Prive fabric slingbacks, original price $760 and on sale for $532. Derek Lam Bi-color strapless dress, original price $4,500 and on sale for $1,350. Chloe Beatrix beaded clutch, origianl price $2,500 and on sale for $1,500.

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