Saturday, April 25, 2009

Currently Loving: Iosselliani

This is my kind of jewelry. Don't get me wrong, I love all kinds of jewelry: classic, trendy, expensive, cheap, vintage, girly, edgy, whatever goes with my outfit. But the one kind of jewelry that I always go back to, that I can't stop obsessing about, is just like this. Edgy, layered, multi-textured, heavy, and a little rock and roll. Which is basically Iosselliani (that's a mouthful) in a nutshell. They're an Italian jewelry line that's in the upper middle range of expensiveness (just a notch above Tiffany's in that respect), and they make fantastic, darkly pretty jewelry, often with animal motifs.

Double Strand Feather Necklace, $274 at, Sterling Ring Stack, $311 at, 7-Ring Stack, $280 at I love how this necklace is so delicated and light, with the thin chains and feathers, but the crystal pendant on the bottom weighs it down so nicely and keeps it from getting too precious. These stacked rings are fierce! The effect of layering on a bunch of thin rings is so casually luxurious. I die. The set on the left is a bit more subtle (those stones are sapphires! sapphires!) and low-key, with the uniformly-sized bands, and the set on the left is a little more in-your-face and bold, with the mixed metals, and juxtaposition of textures.

Stacked Silver Ring with Zircons, Garnet, and Imitation Pearl, $385 at, Puma Ring, $363 at, Bangle Set, $432 at That ring on the left is a little goth, but so sickeningly awesome. The way the size graduates from top to bottom is genius, and that's a real garnet. Enough said. And OMG it's my puma ring! Remember the Cartier Puma I loved? Well, this one is like...a lot cheaper. A lot. But it still has that same, weirdly exotic effect, and has tiny sapphires for eyes! I die. This set of bangles has another animal motif (the teensy snake), and has such a great, thrown-together vibe with the eclectic mix of sizes, finishes, and metals, like you've been collecting chic bangles for years and decided to wear your whole collection. At the same time.

Multi-strand Silver Cuff with Rhinestones and Pearls, $435 at, Silver Multichain Necklace with Rubies and Sapphires, $585 at, Sets of 4 Silver Rings with Bronze Feather and Zircons, $234 at I want that bracelet. It's slouchy enough not to be annoying around my wrist (I have issues), but the layers of chains look so rich! I think the rhinestones and pearls might contribute to that effect. Just a little bit. That necklace is insane. Throw that on with a white tee and you will shut it down (I may have watched Rachel Zoe's show one too many times). Yes, it's expensive, but it's so. amazing. I can't even form words about it. And just for Maudie, I threw in this feather ring. Usually I find that feathers either go hippie or retro, but here they're kind of rock and roll, and I'm liking it.

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