Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have a bit of a problem with updos. I think they're gorgeous...on other people. The problem is, I have really, really thick, really, really straight hair that is hell-bent to resist any kind of curl, and takes 10 bobby pins to get into a ponytail (sadly, no joke). Plus, it's just above shoulder-length in the front and about two inches shorter in the back, aka barely long enough to get into an updo.

Normally I don't even think about updos (way too lazy), but I have graduation coming up, and I'm wearing a one-shoulder dress. I want to show off the pretty neckline, which means that my hair needs to be up. Since I am in no way capable of doing that myself, I'm hopefully going to get my hair done. Which means I can pick hairstyles way too complicated for me to even think about doing on my own! I have a couple of celebrity-inspired ideas for pretty updos below, let me know what you think. These would also work really well for prom, if anyone else is looking for inspiration!

I think Taylor Swift's style is one of the most low-key, just curled and then gathered into a loose, low bun. I'm worried that I don't have enough actual length to pull that off, but it's so pretty! I LOVE Hayden Panettiere's messy chignon. The twisty texture keeps the chignon from being too formal. This might be the most realistic--I think we had the same length hair when that pic was taken (btw she looks kind of fantastic right there). The least realistic is Blake Liveley's hair from the Gossip Girl premiere. Keep in mind that since I have a lot less hair than she does, the curly bun at the back would be smaller. I just love the combination of textures there, the braids, chains, and curls all wrapped into that loose, wispy updo. So pretty. Seriously, how amazing is Nicole Richie? First off, I love what she's doing with all the braids. I die. I think I would try to do a combination of these two. I want my bangs and some side pieces down, but I want the French braids circling my head (minus the bump). And last but not least, I'd also like to try Sienna Miller's loose, twisty updo, but maybe a little more polished. I think the twist is a cute variation on the braid, and maybe less trendy, so less likely to look dated? I need opinions here. Help!

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