Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Statement of the Moment: Bib Necklaces

It's officially the year of the statement necklace. Of course, we've all heard that one before, but this time it's not just any statement necklace that makes the cut. We're talking bib necklaces here. Bib necklaces hit somewhere around the breast bone, and literally look like a bib--thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom. These were all over the Spring and Fall runways, and the reason I think that they're becoming so popular is that the'yre an easy way to make an entire outfit. Add a statement necklace to jeans and a tee, a tee and a skirt, really any outfit that's basic and involves a t-shirt, and it suddenly elevates the entire outfit, taking it from casual to chic. Plus, a versatile bib necklace can work with a lot of different outfits, so for a small amount of money you can inject a breath of fresh air into your entire wardrobe.

Super Candy by Candace Ang Studded Satin Necklace, $68 at urbanoutfiters.com, tuleste market Tiered Hexagon Chain Necklace, $145 at shopbop.com, Rachel Leigh Cleo Teardrop Collar Necklace, $132 at shopbop.com: this first necklace is kind of odd, but I really like it. It's a little arts and craftsy, and a little punky in the combination of satin and studs, but the pink keeps it feminine. This is a more subtle take on the bib necklace, versus the more dramatic statement of the tuleste market necklace. The triangle shape of the stones elongates the neck (which makes you look taller, always a plus), and the juxtaposition of the luxe stones with the sparse chain is just so glamorous and a little bit rock and roll. I love the turn of the century/early 1900s vibe that this Rachel Leigh necklace has. It's so over the top opulent that it would look fantastic with just a plain white tee and jeans (I think I'm drooling a little).

Livia Necklace, $48 at anthropologie.com, UO Mesh Lace Necklace, $78 at urbanoutfitters.com, Beaded Collar Bib Necklace, $48 at urbanoutfitters.com: this Livia necklace is a great deal. For $48, you get a gorgeous Indian-inspired necklace that's full of tiny details but still delicate enough to be subtle. The mesh necklace from Urban Outfitters is a bit on the edgier side, but the lettuce edging keeps the overall look from being too 'hard.' Plus, since it' sheer, you get a peek of the fabric/skin underneath through the necklace, which adds a ton of visual interest. This beaded bib necklace from Urban Outfitters is also sheer, and I think the sheer underlay fabric tones down the plethora of beading--it makes the beads look as if they're floating around your neck. So pretty!

One thing to remember with bib necklaces is that they should be the dominant accessory in your outfit. Skip the earrings and bracelets, maybe add one little ring, but any other extras will just detract from the impact of the bib necklace itself.

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