Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Since I'm really into buying basics lately (if you hadn't noticed), I'm looking out for lots of accessories to keep those basics looking fresh. It's the accessories that give an outfit it's flavor and it's personality.

Giles & Brother Tiny Spider Stud Earrings, $78 at shopbop.com, Giles & Brother Tiny Pyramind Stud Earrings, $78 at shopbop.com, Giles & Brother Chaton Pyramid Drop Earrings, $113 at shopbop.com: I don't actually have pierced ears, but if I did, I would wear these! Spiders definitely creep me out, but these look more like crabs than spiders, no? And I just love the idea of wearing these shiny little buggies on your ears (I know that sounds creepy, but still). It's just so quirky and off-beat, but strangely elegant. And those little pyramids? They kind of look like studs, but the added, woven-esque texture makes them infinitely more interesting. And seriously, pyramid earrings. Adorable. For a more glam look, go for these drop hoop earrings. The rhinestones have all the glitter of diamonds, without the pricetag, and you can wear these as hoops or drop earrings. Two for the price of one!

Giles & Brother Marjorie Necklace, $325 at shopbop.com, Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Aviators, $139 at shopbop.com: Unlike earrings, I can wear necklaces! I love the exotic vibe of this one, with the tarnished gold and mixed textures. This necklace could add weight to any floaty dress or white tee, and the pop of blue is so chic. I'm in love with these Ray-Bans. They look just like a pair of Chloe sunnies I've been pining over for years. Very old-school,very Top Gun, and much more refreshing than your average aviator.

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