Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drew Barrymore for Elle

Having watched all the cycles of ANTM about, oh, 23325 times, I've seen how badly underwater photoshoots can go. Namely, very, very badly. Even when they're pretty, you can always tell that the model is underwater--their cheeks are puffed out, their eyes are crossed, they just look awkward and panicky. It's generally not good. Which is why I'm so impressed that Drew Barrymore in May's Elle, who is not a model, can pull this off better than the girls that get paid to do it. I know the floating fabrics and hair are a dead give-away for the underwater thing, but her body language and facial expressions don't betray the shoot's medium at all (aside from the floating, but that was kind of inevitable).

The lighting is exiquisite! And while it kind of makes me cringe thinking about all those dresses getting tossed in a pool, the water gives these shots great movement. She just looks like a gorgeous sea goddess! I'm kinda jealous. And I want to go swimming.

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