Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh, Gwyneth

I can't help but love Gwyneth Paltrow. She is a pretty good actress, (unintentionally) hilarious, and very committed to showing off her amazing post-children body, which I can't blame her for. But what I might love the most is her newsletter, GOOP. She tries so hard to help people, but sometimes she forgets that people are not, well, like her. People do not generally follow all-juice detox diets, or shop their own closets and find a new way to wear their old Burberry. Her newsletters are hilarious, but not generally that...helpful. However, I uncovered a little gem in her last newsletter. She's cleaning out her closet and selling it on eBay for charity!

Now, if you're not a clothes size 4/6 or a shoe size 6, then you won't find much but a couple purses, but otherwise, it's a field day here! Stuff is starting pretty cheap, but I'm sure there will be some pretty intense bidding wars, so get your butt over there! Here's the link to the GOOP eBay store.

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