Friday, April 17, 2009

Giant Finger Bling

I love, love, love jewelry, but I don't have pierced ears, and bracelets and necklaces make me fidgety. Which pretty much leaves me with rings. Lots and lots of rings. When you keep other jewelry to a minimum (like me!), you can afford to go all out with a statement-making ring. It adds just enough visual interest to your outfit without detracting from your facial presence, like necklaces and earrings sometimes can. Here are a few of the statement rings I'm craving at the moment:

Rachel Leigh Gumball, $72 at, Alkemie Jewelry Shell Ring, $154 at, YSL Arty Enamel Ring, $195 at Not only is this Rachel Leigh ring decently priced, it's pretty darn cute. The gold setting has an organic, coral vibe that works really well with the ocean-hued resin stone. That flash of color would liven up any monochromatic outfit. If you're more into the earthy, romantic stuff, check out this seashell ring. The finish looks like antique jewerly I'd find in my grandma's stash, but the asymmetrical placement of the shell keeps it modern. And for those of you that fall into the artsy camp (or just really love French chic), there's this fantastic YSL ring. The vibrant gold and cobalt tones are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how the stones are all different sizes and asymmetrically placed--it looks as if they're growing out of the rough-hewn ring. So, so chic.

Kenneth Jay Lane Bumblebee Ring, $93 at, Dannijo Coco Pearl Flower Ring, $160 at, Bing Bang Flower Ring, $175 at How can that bumblebee not make you smile? It's a giant bumblebee for crying out loud. It's definitely a conversation starter. And what do bumblebees love? Flowers! (I couldn't help it, sorry). For more impact, I'd try this gold/pearl Dannijo ring. The flower is very elegant and girly, but the size makes it unique. If you want a more subtle look, I like this Bing Bang ring. The dark metal contrasts nicely with the center stones in the two flowers, and it's so goth and girly at the same time!

Panthere de Cartier Rings, priceless (they might as well be) at These are the ultimate statement rings. I'm in love here. The whole panther-eating-your-finger thing is definitely different, and a little on the exotic side, but they're Cartier! How can you not love Cartier? Honestly, these rings are so statement-making that you could plan your entire outfit around them. I have no idea how much they cost, but I don't think I want to know...

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