Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Found It!!!

It's my baby!!! I found it. It's beautiful. I want it. Behold:

A.L.C. Asymmetric Leather Jacket, $1,100 at Just look at it. I'm drooling. Yes, it's real leather, but I figure that leather is more durable than fabric, so at least this would last a really, really long time, and there's no fur or shearling involved, which is a plus. The grey jersey lining adds the perfect amount of contrast and enforces the aviator vibe. It hits at the perfect place on the hip, it's just fitted enough, and the long sleeves don't even bother me because the cuff is made out of stretchy jersey, so it's tight around the wrist (which strangely makes me feel better. Yes, I am weird). Now, I realize that there's a minor problem here, namely that it's you know, $1,100. Minor obstacle. Ahem, I'll make it work. Somehow. Probably not. I can dream. It's just so pretty! These other two jackets on the right, the Madison Marcus Anthem Leather Jacket, $750 at, and the Veda Maximillian Leather Jacket, $605 at, are slightly (and I mean slightly) more affordable. Which means that they're slightly more realistic, and they stil lhave the look I'm going for, but I'm kind of so in love with that A.L.C. jacket right now that I'm not listening to reason.

Image Sources:
A.L.C. Jacket:
Madison Marcus Jacket:
Veda Jacket:

P.S.--I'm heading off to Boston today, so I won't really be posting much until Sunday. However, Maudie promised to share some stuff with you guys, so don't worry, we're not abandoning you!

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