Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fashion from the Trenches

I tend to go through fashion and makeup cycles. As in, for a few weeks/months, all I want are clothes. I practically forget about makeup. And then one day, that switch flips, and I've completely dropped makeup to focus on clothes. Well, I'm coming out of a makeup cycle right now, and I'm in need of a little fashion inspiration at the moment. And you guys know what I do when I'm uninspired. That's right--it's street style blog inspiration time!

There is some serious chicness up there. I mean, check out those Louis Vuitton Spring '09 shoes. Damn. Those are fierce. I love that they're completely insane, but they kind of make sense some how. Those heels are pretty spindly though--walking would take serious skills! As for the second row, I love what that first girl is doing with her scarf. I mean, she literally tied a long fur stole like you would a regular scarf, and it looks fantastic. And Giovanna and Emmanuelle Alt next to her are bringing it. How sick is that Balmain jacket? Drool. On the third row, I die for the zippers on the butt of that skirt. Super sexy, but not skanky. And how cute are Erin Wasson and Carmen Kass? Erin's jacket looks a lot like that Catherine Malandrino one I've been lusting over. That girl is so chic. Of course, nobody tops Kate Lanphear (fourth row) in the style department. I love how she actually wears things more than once, like those over-the-knee boots, and that Rodarte-esque loose knit paired with the black mini on the left is so fab. Magdalena Frackowiak and Olga Sherer (fourth row) share another model bonding moment. I just love both their outfits, and I need those boots. I die.

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