Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walkin' Shoes

I need a pair of shoes. Not a cute ballet flat or adorable sandal type of shoe, but a basic, sturdy shoe that works with everything--dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts, girly, more androgynous, etc, etc. I'm thinking I want a slip-on shoe like one of these. I know it's not the chicest thing ever and it's a little on the hipster side, but I need something more substantial than a flat and not as 'sporty' as a tennis shoe, and this is the only thing I can come up with.

Keds Champion Slip-on, $35 at, Sperry Top-siders in Green, $60 at, Sperry Top-sider in Chino Oyster, $50 at I have these Keds on the left, and here's my issue. They're a little on the cheaply made side, so even though I've had them for 3 years, I still get crazy blisters from them (I have some right now, in fact. Not cool). They're not comfy, and they're not that cute. I want an upgrade. I love these top-siders because they're got a bit of a nautical edge to them (they're not too nautical though), and they just look a little more finished. The anchor print is adorable, but I'm definitely leaning towards the grey-on-grey version. I can picture these working with so many outfits! Love.

Vans Slip-On in ,$42 at, Vans Slip-On in , $42 at, TOMS University Navy Rope Sole, $58 at Vans are another viable option. Yes, they're cliche, but I figure everyone has them for a reason, right? They're kind of the equivalent of a basic white v-neck for your feet, they last forever, and they come in fun colors, like this bright blue. The TOMS I'm less likely to get because they just aren't as sturdy, but the stripes are so cute and I love the non for profit business model (one pair of shoes gets donated to a third world country for each pair you buy).

Since I'm going to college eventually, I figure I need a pair of sturdy, semi-practical shoes that won't give my feet frostbite (since I'll probably be in Boston. AKA Antartica). But I'm not willing to sacrifice style for function. Fashion is pain. Except it kind of is. Anyways, I'll update you guys if I ever get around to shoe-shopping--it's a lazy week.

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