Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shopping C&C and Petit Bateau

I'm always on the hunt for more basic tees. Hanes and American Apparel are great, but sometimes you want something a little less mass-marketed, something you don't see on every single street corner. Enter two of my favorite brands, Petit Bateau and C&C California.

Petit Bateau Basic Short Sleeve Crew-neck tee, $35 at, Low cut tank, $39 at, Mariniere, $58.10 at They're French. French tees are exponentially better than American tees because they are French. It's just a fact. This is the perfect example of how a basic tee can look so much nicer when done in high-quality cotton. Take that crew-neck and that tank for example. Not, they're not cheap, but the way that nice cotton fits and drapes on the body is kind of priceless. And how adorable is that striped sweater? It's so...French. But I like how it's not blue and white, so it's not beat-you-over-the-head nautical. The buttons at the shoulder are so cute!

C&C California Bold Tank, $34 at, Vavoom V-neck tee, $36 at, Placed Tie-dye Tank, $64 at I'm definitely partial to C&C. I bought my first 'nice' tee from them, and I've held onto that baby for years. It's covered in holes and runs (definitely my fault), and not really wearable anymore, but I haven't been able to part with it. The newest C&C tee I'm lusting over is this bold tank. Whenever you see Angelina Jolie wearing a black tank, it's this one. That shouldn't make me want it, but it does. It's the perfect mix of sexy tank and a wearable basic piece. I'm also loving this Vavoom tee. It's extremely flattering, the longer sleeves keep the deep-v day appropriate, and it's just so...chic. Drool. And I know that the tie-dye isn't exactly basic, but I really like the way the tie-dye here isn't over the top. It doesn't even really look like tie-dye, it's just a subtle pattern and an easy way to incorporate some hippie-chic into your wardrobe.

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