Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why Was I Not Aware of This?

I've always been a fan of Victoria's Secret. I mean, $25 for 5 (now 7!) pairs of underwear and super comfy sweats in the same store? I'm there. I was not aware, however, that they also sold adorable clothing. Like real, wear it out in public clothing. And almost all of it is on sale!

Victoria's Secret Linen blend slim pant, down from $98 to $58 at, Cuffed Cargo pant, down from $49.50 to $39.50 at, the Marisa Fit bootcut cargo pant, down from $59.50 to $49.50 $ at These are the perfect pair of slim pants. Not too skinny, slightly tapered, just a little shiny, and quite a bit rock and roll. And I know I've been raving about cargo pants for awhile, but this is why! The pair on the left are a little more fashion forward and a little sleeker, and the pair on the right are perfect for relaxing and hanging out on the weekend

Victoria's Secret the Bridget Fit pleated crop pant, down from $69.50 to $$49.50 at, the Cargo Jacket, $78 at, the Vintage Beach plunging v-neck dress, down from $48 $39 at They may not be the most flattering cut, but pleated, cropped, tapered pants are in, and $50 is pretty reasonable--enough to ensure that the pants won't fall apart, but not a serious investment. OMG I love this jacket. It's like safari meets motorcycle jacket, the canvas means it's super durable, and the olivey shade is a great neutral (but not boring). For a super-easy outfit, just throw on this tee dress and you're good to go. It's comfy and chic.

BCBGirls Strappy Platform Sandal, $110 at, Colin Stuart Braided Strap Sandal, down from $49 t0 $39 at, Colin Stuart Braid Platform Sandal, $95 at On top of clothes, they have great shoes too! (Seriously, how did I not know about this?). They're all reasonably priced, and really versatile styles. The heels on the left are slightly more classic and the formal, and the heels on the right are definitely on the trendier side (love the brown ones). And how cute are those sandals? $40 is a good deal for a nice leather sandal with that kind of detail, and those are a refreshing alternative to gladiators.

The only problem is that I've never seen any of this stuff in-store, so it's all online/catalog ordering, which could be a good thing or a not so good thing...

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