Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coco Inspired: Breton Stripes

I was inspired by that still of Audrey Tatou earlier (in the adorable striped top) to go on a hunt for a couple of buyable replicas. I love the fresh, slightly nautical vibe of the navy and white stripes, and they just scream French girl chic. Plus, this kind of top is a really easy way to add some pattern into your wardrobe for the print-phobes out there (maybe that's just me?). The traditional variety of these tops is called a "Breton" top--no idea why. It's generally boat-necked, with thin navy and white stripes and 3/4 length sleeves. However, designers are mixing up this classic, and you can find it in every variation imaginable.

Armor Lux Pull Marin in Navy/Nature, 90 Euros at coop-breizh.fr, A.P.C. Navy/White striped top, $58 at shoppenelopes.com, Land's End French Sailor's Shirt, $34.50 at landsend.com: This first top is the real deal. Like, from a French sailing ware company. So, if you want authenthic French nautical, look no further. The price is a little steep for the current euro/dollar exchange rate, but on the other hand, this is probably really well-made, and I love the little buttons at the neckline! So cute! This would make an amazing sweater. Drool. If you want to show a little more skin, this A.P.C. version is perfect with its cropped sleeves and scoop neckline. It's more of a henley than a Breton top, but I think it still has the same vibe. Yes, it looks dumpy on the model, but I think it would be cute in real life. And if you're really looking for a great deal, Land's End has an adorable French Sailor top! It's definitely the most affordable option, and it actually looks the most like the one Audrey was wearing. Translation: the cheapest one looks the most like the one Coco supposedly wore. Enough said.

Throw one of these on with a pair of black cigarette pants and some cute ballet flats, and I guarantee you will feel at least a little bit Frencher,. I think every girl would use a little more Frenchness in daily life, no?

Image Sources:
A.P.C. top: shoppenelopes.com, Armor Lux top: coop-breizh.fr, Land's End top: landsend.com

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