Thursday, April 9, 2009

You. Complete Me.

Yes. I just quoted Jerry Maguire. That's how deep my love for these boots is. All this thinking about shopping for college, and living in places that have, you know, real weather, has made me realize that my $20 inverse leopard print rainboots (as in the background is dark and the spots are light, it was middle school, don't judge me) are just not going to cut it any more unless I want to look mildly ridiculous. Which I kind of don't. Anyways, I was clicking around the internet today, and I stumbled across these pictures of Kate Moss in her Hunter Wellies, and it was love.

Those are nice boots. Really nice boots. What I really like about them is that they don't really look like rain boots, they actually look like real boots. Boots that I could wear while it's not even raining without looking like an idiot. So, one, they're functional, and two, they're cute, and three, this means that I don't have to shell out $200 for those Frye boots I was lusting after because these are even more practical! It's love.

Hunter Boots, black/navy, 60 euros at, green, 60 euros at The boots come in other super-festive colors (fuschia, silver, etc.) but I think if I'm spending a decent amount of money on these boots I want them in a neutral, more versatile color. And my neutrals are basically navy, kelly green, and black. The green is adorable, and it's the classic Hunter color, but I'm not sure that I would be able to get as much wear out of it as I want to in that color, so it's a cage match between the navy and the black. I really can't decide. I like the softness of the navy, but the black is so chic...I think it comes down to which one I can get cheaper on eBay. That's right. On eBay these boots are about $60, versus the $100+ cost at other stores. $40 = 12 trips to Starbucks. Yes please.

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