Friday, April 17, 2009

Shopping Harper's Bazaar/Allure

I was flipping through my Harper's Bazaar and my Allure today (Halle Berry is GORGEOUS and Blake Lively looks frightening), and I stumbled across a few pieces of adorableness that I had to post on, most of which I've been eying for awhile now.

Juicy Couture 3/4 Ruffle Cuff Sleeve Trench Coat in Black, $358 at, Marc by Marc Jacobs Resin Aviators, $98 at, Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Aviators, $98 at I'm in love with this trench. It's just a basic black trench at first glance (albeit with lovely bronze buttons), but on closer examination, there are chic details like ruffles at the cuffs and hem. It's just the right length to be warm, but not dowdy, and the adjustable belt highlights your waist. What else could you want? Aside from the coat. Now, these two sunglasses weren't actually in the magazine, another Marc by Marc pair was, but...I like these better. I'm on a perpetual hunt for aviators that don't make my face look like a big (I have a very round head), and I've had no luck so far. Even so, I'm seriously crushing on these two pairs of aviators. The tortoiseshell pattern on the first pair is really unique for this style, and much more versatile and flattering than basic black, and the metal pair is just the classic, Top Gun-esque aviator. These never go out of style.

Tiffany's Vintage Oval Key Pendant, $175 (without chain) at, Crown Key Pendant, $175 (without chain) at, Oval Key Pendant, $125 (without chain) at I've been pining over these Tiffany's key necklaces for awhile now, and Blake Lively wearing one to her Allure shoot isn't helping my obsession. They're the perfect mix of antique trinket and sleekly modern, with the old-timely skeleton key and the shiny silver metal. I like the one on the left the best, but I realllly like all of them. And they're not that expensive for Tiffany's. If only Valentine's day wasn't 2+ months ago. Talk about bad timing.

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