Thursday, April 9, 2009

I Need One of These

Given that three out of the four schools I'm considering are in considerably colder places than I'm currently living (that's like the entire country compared to LA, but still), I figure that I will need a coat. A nice, warm, fuzzy coat. Of course, if it's an ugly coat, I'll freeze to death because I'll refuse to wear to it, so I need a nice, warm, fuzzy, pretty coat. I want something very versatile and semi-practical, but in my alternate universe where weather is never an issue and my bank account statement has lots and lots of zeros in it, I want one of these coats:

The cut on that first coat is spectacular. It's just so slightly gothic but kickass but kind of old school Hitchcock heroine at the same time. I love the dramatic collar, and I love the navy hue--it's just as basic and versatile as black, but it's much softer and more flattering (I think it's navy, but I can't tell for sure). The stand-up collar on that second coat is fantastic as well--not quite as dramatic, but very chic. I like how this is literally the simplest coat ever, but it's full of these tiny details that completely make the coat, like the graphic snap buttons and the inset band at the waist. This last coat might be my favorite (probably because it's styled so perfectly). It's the perfect cropped trench, and I have kind of an obsession with khaki trenches. So chic.

Unfortunately, a khaki trench a la Burberry is most definitely out of the budget. I already have a J. Crew peacoat that looks just like the coat below from Boy by Band of Outsiders that I just found in hidden in my room (talk about shopping your closet). The sleeves are a little too long, but I think that if I get them hemmed to 3/4 length it would work pretty darn well (I have serious issues with long sleeves. Loose fabric around my wrists makes me freak about, and I feel like when you have that much fabric on, a long sleeve can look frumpy). My question is, is one very thick wool peacoat enough for an East Coast winter? For reference, it gets down to like 10 degrees there in winter, but it gets down to 30 degrees here in LA in winter (that is totally legit, I have a thermometer in my car, and we've had hail/ice!). I can survive in 30 degree weather with just a thick sweater, but does 20 degrees make that much of a difference? I think I've talked myself into a corner here. Help?

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