Monday, April 20, 2009

Current Inspiration: Anita Pallenberg

Currently channeling/attempting to channel/thinking about channeling (I am lazy): Anita Pallenberg. Haven't heard of her? Don't worry, neither had I. But seriously, she is awesome. She's the original rockstar girlfriend, who's dated Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, and Keith Richards (aka the Rolling Stones). Born in Italy, she started out as a model, then an actress (she was in Barbella!) then a professional rockstar follower, and even dabbled in fashion design. And her lifestyle makes Kate Moss look like Sandra Dee. Seriously. Hardcore. You can read more about her here. All you really need to know is that she is the epitome of rocker-chic, and that Sienna Miller stole her luxe-boho-hippie look from this girl.

Blunt bangs, messy bedhead, smudgy black liner, a rockstar boyfriend, and the ability to put together a bunch of random things to make a super fantastic outfit? Sign me up. I'll skip the heroin addiction though.

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